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Novina Irana Clinic is one of the most experienced beauty centers in Mashhad, equipped with specialized clinics and laboratories.


Cosmetic Surgery

In this center, beauty and fitness along with accuracy and experience with the benefit of prominent Iranian doctors and specialists are offered to all dear compatriots.


Planting beards and moustache

Growing a good beard creates a regular and clean beard line with an attractive and masculine look that it provides for the person.


Hair transplantation

Novin Irana is part of the American Hair Transplant Association “ISHRS” and uses the latest and method of hair transplantation to achieve excellent transplant results.


Slimming surgery

We will give you your favorite organ with our specialists and doctors and the most up-to-date devices.




nose surgery

Rhinoplasty will help correct the shape of your nose and correct the deviation of your nose. Changing the shape of your nose will bring you a different and exciting look.


Skin and beauty

New Irana Clinic, special services for skin and beauty, a completely hygienic environment with specialists and experienced doctors in this field will be with you dear ones.

درباره نوین ایرانا

Experience the best medical services with our clinic

While receiving all the relevant licenses in the field of rejuvenation services, cosmetic surgery, slimming, laser, hair transplantation and slimming diet, the Iranian group has become a brilliant brand in the field of beauty clinics by using the most up-to-date equipment in the world.
New Irana Clinic believes that health and beauty in accordance with the highest standards in the world is the right of all Iranians.
That is why in the group of Irana Novin Clinic, specialized and sub-specialized physicians have made every effort to guide and treat the clients in the best possible way by placing the principle of honesty.

Specialist doctors of our clinic

New Irana Clinic is proud to be at your service with the best medical facilities and equipment in the world, with the benefit of experienced skin and hair doctors.

Dear viewers

Novin Irana considers customer satisfaction as its mission and does not spare any effort in this regard

  • Client Image

    If you are looking for an excellent and reliable clinic in the field of slimming surgery, I recommend this clinic to you. They have excellent specialists and a suitable environment and offer the best services.

    • Fatemeh Kazemi
    • Patient
  • Client Image

    They are really the best in the field of beauty. They provided really great services and I was very satisfied with the doctors and services.

    • Mohammad Rezaei
    • Patient
  • Client Image

    The experience I had at the new Irana Clinic was really great. They are equipped with advanced devices and specialized doctors and have all the elements of a highly professional clinic.

    • Shadi Mohammadi
    • Patient

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