Novin Irana

Novin Irana clinic is one of the most well-known beauty centers in Mashhad which has specialized clinics and laboratory. This center has the records of surgeries in beauty fields such as slimming with lipomatic, slimming with lipoliz, breast surgery, nose surgery, botox and gel injection, face lifting and gastric balloon in several years. Their activities are under the supervision of Iran treatment deputy. This clinic profits the physician, surgery specialists, and fellows in the field of plastic surgery, orthopedic, urology, gynecology, ear, nose and throat, digestion, etc. The most modern and perfect medical equipment is provided by Novin Irana clinic toward service preparation based on your need.

  • About Us

Novin Irana clinic helps your beauty and fitness by providing the latest surgery methods. In this center, beauty and fitness together with precision and the experience of prominent Iranian physicians and specialists are provided to be used by people from all over the world. Novin Irana clinic always tries to prepare the best services in a peaceful environment for its patients by using modern machines and equipment according to FDA and health and treatment ministry standards. The offered services in this clinic are as follow:

Slimming with Lipomatic

 Slimming with lipoliz

Slimming with body-jet

Nose beauty surgery

Face beauty surgery

Permanent unwanted hair lasering

Specialized services of hair plantation