Descriptions of duties:

  • Making arrangements with reception for patient hospitalization
  • Making arrangements with the doctor for the first visit and determining the attending doctor
  • Making arrangements with the discharge unit of the hospital to estimate the patient’s treatment cost
  • Making arrangements with the security department on how to deal with the patient and companion
  • Making arrangements with translators and international units to facilitate patients’ affairs
  • Welcoming the international patient upon arrival at the clinic
  • Guiding and introducing the international patient to different departments
  • Providing the necessary information to the international patient regarding hospital services and facilities
  • Evaluating and increasing international patient satisfaction
  • Carrying out the necessary coordination with reputable health tourism companies
  • Registration of international patient information in the health tourism system of the University of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Health
  • Following-up of the patient’s condition and the level of satisfaction of the providing services after discharge from the clinic
  • Analyzing and evaluating patient satisfaction forms

Dr. Vahid Rathi

PhD in Health Management