Nose Beauty Surgery

Nose surgery in Novin Irana specialized clinic make your appearance more attractive.

Nose surgery gives you more beauty and self-confidence.

Nose surgery is an operation which helps to reform the shape of your nose and treat any nose deviation. Reforming your nose provide you with different and exciting appearance.

People who are suitable with nose surgery:

People who want to do surgery in order to make their nose either bigger or smaller.

Individuals that like to modify their nose humb or bony nose.

Those who have polyp or deviation in their nose.

How to be prepared for nose surgery

In the first and the most important step, you should choose a hair and skin specialized clinic which is authorized by the health ministry. Then you have to visit the clinic for consultation.

With the cooperation of ear nose and throat specialists, plastic surgery specialists, jaw and face surgery specialists, Novin Irana clinic have prepared a distinct center for you as an option.

Our motto is: Irana guest is like our family

Ask the clinic to show some sample picture of their nose surgery. You can access picture galley in the Novin Irana website to see many sample pictures of successful nose surgeries. In the weeks before surgery avoid smoking and alcohol.

To see sample pictures of successful nose surgeries in Novin Irana clinic, click here.

Nose surgery benefits:

Nose surgery can change size, form, and angle of your nose. It also makes your nose well-balanced compared to other parts of your face.

Nose surgery can treat structural problems of the nose which cause respiratory problems.

Nose surgery is an easy and outpatient surgery which can have a wonderful effect on your appearance with minimum side effects if you choose a valid specialized center and surgeon.

Hints and side effects of nose surgery

Nose surgery is an important and specialized surgery which should be done by ear nose and throat specialist, plastic surgery specialist or jaw and face surgery specialist in the sterile area of the surgery room. If the surgery is done by an untrained person (general practitioner) or in a non-sterile area, it leads to irreparable outcomes. In the first 24 hours after surgery, your face would be inflated and you may feel a headache. Those discomforts usually would be eliminated by prescribing pain killers by a physician. In the initial days after surgery, you have to put your head in a higher position than your body while you are relaxing. Inflation and bruising eye would be increased on the first day and maybe expand in the second and third day. Using cold compress decrease inflation and make you feel better. Anyway, you feel better than what you look. In the initial days of surgery that you have an inflated and bruised face, it is better to inattention the beauty.

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