Authorized IPD doctor:

Dr. Zohreh Seyedi


Descriptions of Duties

  • Visiting patients in the first hour of their presence in the clinic
  • Making arrangements with other doctors and receiving initial instructions
  • Making arrangements with the nursing head and nursing office regarding paraclinical procedures and immediate patients’ consultations
  • Making arrangements with the head of the electronic system and the website of the medical institute to prepare the electronic file
  • Making arrangements with the attending physician to prepare a summary of  patients’ files and documents in English
  • Providing adequate information to patients regarding policies, procedures and ways of making complaints about the medical procedures
  • Making arrangements with the clinic reception regarding communication in IPD patients' first language
  • Accepting the technical and legal responsibility of all types of medical services available to international patients
  • Providing all types of immediate medical services to international patients while observing medical ethics
  • Providing patients with a summary of   their medical file in English in which the diagnosis of the disease, the type of service provided, the description of the operation and the necessary recommendations after their discharge should be stated.
  • Providing a contact number to international patients and the possibility of 24-hour access to the clinic so that, in case of any symptom or complications, they can contact the attending doctor